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2023 Sires


Afroman x Crinkle x Rainman

Raised by Nathan. Owned by Burch and Nathan

AI Sire


Very excited to have utilized Macho for '23 lambs. Massive hip, short backed and creasy. We think this guy could absolutely hit a homerun for us.


Slingin' Ink

Tattoo x  Ballistic x Bullseyes Mom

Raised by Shroyer. Owned by Shroyer & Allen Johnson

AI Sire


Was hit pretty hard by the '21 fall born when stopping by John's this summer. Was genuinely impressed by his natural progression of width when you get over top him. Dense smooth muscle pattern with a square chest and a tidy blade.


June Bug

John (Bullseye x Mr June x Picasso) x Hurliman (Bush Baby x Bravo)

Raised and owned by Larry and Berlene Sharp (OK)

Since we currently do not have a photo of June Bug, I'll give a brief background. He was a June born buck lamb in the summer of '20. I saw him at 10 months of age and was entirely impressed. He was one of the most intrigueing males I saw on my Oklahoma trip that year. Huge feet, creased up ditch back, Bravo underline and body. He threw an incredible set of babies for Larry this spring and he finally got semen put up on him. We are thoroughly confident in this sheep and he saw many of our most elite females. May not have the big name beside him or been promoted much but know this sheep was not utilized as a backup option.

Stud Cat

Double T x BS x Ring Help x Cement

'22 keeper buck lamb

Reference Sires

Double T

Next Level x Trophy Hunter

Owned by Franklin, Nathan, Clem

Bragging Rights

Ring Help x Commotion

Pedo Joe

Shell 875 x No Regrets

Raised By Skidgel


Next Level x DTM


Bulletproof x Player

Ring Help

Casanova x (Polar Vortex x PBR)(Up The Limit's Full Sis)

Raised and Owned By Neff Livestock

Brass Monkey 2.jpg

Brass Monkey

Goin' Bananas (Chunky Monkey x Picasso) x (Diamond Eyes x 727 Donor)

Tenacious - 1410

Situation Son x Situation Daughter


Wheaton 161



Exile x Shrank G67






Exile x Wheaton 7021



3D x Blown Away(Situation x High Plains Drifter)

Bred by Marty Fear, Owned with Ketzner and Fear


Team Johnson 1088.jpg

Team Johnson 1088

Warfare Son

The Situation


True Blood x Wheaton 0-9071 ( Classic x Davinci x Classic's Mom)




Raptor x Marx 510


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