Current Sires


Bulletproof x Player

Little Introduction needed here. Everyone knows what Bullseye has done around the country the past 2 summers. We feel that there are few, if any other rams that can consistently produce big time sheep that have all the fundamentals. We took him across a good swath of our ewe base to expand on what he did for us this year.

Ring Help

Casanova x (Polar Vortex x PBR)(Up The Limit's Full Sis)

Raised and Owned By Neff Livestock

Dipping into a new genetic line here and we feel we are doing so for good reason. We purchased a really neat set of late ewe lambs off Chance this summer and fortunately for us, several were Ring Helps. We like them so much in fact, that we took 6 of our best to him. We think he is a buck that can downsize us just a bit without sacrificing all the good we feel we've built in our ewes. Excited to see sheep out of this guy on New Years.


3D x Blown Away(Situation x High Plains Drifter)

Bred by Marty Fear, Owned with Ketzner and Fear


If you talk sheep with me at all, you've heard me talk about Commotion, or better yet you've seen him in person. This guy has the body I want in every single ewe on the farm. Super correct, tucked up, neat shouldered yet is big racked, massive pinned and has creasy shape in his lower third to make big time show sheep. We will FINALLY be putting his first daughters to work this year and we're ecstatic. He will be getting his own section of stud ewes as well as batting clean up for 2 fellas above him. Pumped.

Reference Sires

Brass Monkey 2.jpg

Brass Monkey

Goin' Bananas (Chunky Monkey x Picasso) x (Diamond Eyes x 727 Donor)


Got a lot of really neat lambs out of this guy and kept some special females. He may work back into the starting lineup but we wanted to concentrate on a few lines this year so he is seeing use at Rodeheffer Club Lambs this fall.

Bred by Shroyer

Team Johnson 1088.jpg

Team Johnson 1088

Warfare Son

Bred this ram to a hand picked set the we felt would contrast him. He added a neat design, soggy middle and foot and fuzz on the handful of daughters we kept. We think they will be very valuable as they work in to production.

Thank you to JJ Johnson for allowing us to lease him.

Tenacious - 1410

Situation Son x Situation Daughter


A really unique ram that we lost too young. Powell Creek Club Lambs has some really great daughters in production out of Tenacious.



*Half interest sold to Gary Phlipot of Powell Creek Club Lambs of Versailles, Ohio

The Situation


True Blood x Wheaton 0-9071 ( Classic x Davinci x Classic's Mom)


This ram needs no introduction. The Situation has done so many great things for us here. We have centered our entire operation on his phenotype and genotypical traits. 

Wheaton 161



Exile x Shrank G67


161 was used more heavily in the flocks of Larry Sharp and Kevin Owens, but we do have a really cool ewe out of him who in her first year raised triplets (a ram sold to Texas and wether to Louisiana). 161 sired them freaky topped and busted open underneath, his daughters are wether producing machines.



Raptor x Marx 510


His daughters are invaluable assets. I can guarantee that there are not any suffolk appearing bucks out there that sires more bone more muscle or more look. 




Exile x Wheaton 7021


He was the first hamp ram we brought in here that we felt comfortable turning totally loose. He gave us some excellent daughters and Ghost, we'd say he served his purpose more than we expected.