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Wethers For Sale 

We are very proud of this set of older sheep and while we may not have a ton of numbers, there is an immense amount of quality in these sheep and we would love to see them go to good homes. All wethers will be sold off the farm, private treaty. Contact Jordan or Mel to set up a time to view.


Bullseye x Marx 1429

DOB: 1-13

I think this dude is a bit of a man-child. Big cage, huge back and one of the bigger rumped sheep I've seen this spring while not being plain. Big enough foot for a wether, not gonna be gorilla legged but should have enough fuzz. This one hits a lot of judges in my opinion and is one of the easier feeding sheep in your set. Sold 2 bucks out of this ones mother last year..


Bullseye x Marx 1517

DOB: 1-13

This is one of the more unique males we have put together in few years and is one i feel can be competitive anywhere in the country. To have one with this kind build and runs uphill so effortlessly yet is round ribbed and huge in his back shape and so responsive to the touch, it's just a recipe for success. Everything we know about these Bullseye deals is that the greener made ones are the kind you need down the road because they just get more massive with time. Not a sheep to hit every judge, but i can think of a few that'd love him. I wish we had these kind of lambs my last year showing..


Brass Monkey x Marx 1540

DOB: 1-13

Easy feeding kind of sheep. First Brass male to hit the ground and if this is what we're in for out of him, I can't wait to see the rest mature. This dude hit the ground a man and has not disappointed since. Massive forerib, really correct in his lines and just huge topped and butted. I read his cannon length about right and think he makes a perfect 138-45 # for a Late July-early August Show. I can't make a better county fair sheep, he's not going to need a magician with a feed bucket or crazy amounts of exercise to get him right and he'll be plenty fuzzy.


Commotion x Marx 1406

DOB: 1-19

I just really like this sheep. Great foot size and smooth skeleton. Round ribbed and is going to have a beautiful top. You love him on the move and he's going to be perfect sized for Ohio. I feel this sheep has a really high ceiling and time will be his friend. If you need confirmation he'll be thick enough, take a look at his daddy's video. Twin brother is staying in tact for a while.

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